Problems with GA import - Google blocks access

I have a problem with the google account. When I try to approve the process to migrate data from Google Analytics, there is a message saying “Google hasn’t verified this application”. By clicking on Advanced Settings and on the link below I can go to the screen where I can confirm I want to continue the process.

The problem is that after I click on “Continue” it just sends me back to matomo’s main menu and the migration process doesn’t begin. Anyone has any ideas on what might be happening?


Can you check your redirect URL? Seems it is just your matomo domain and not the full url. Check steps 19 and 20 here:

It appears to have solved on it’s own, I haven’t changed anything and now works.
No idea what the problem was and no idea of what the solution is. In case this is happening to you, all I did was try twice a day for a week.

Sometime, it even occurs that because of the cache issue or due to bad internet connection check, you might have also faced that scenario where google says that you’re not the verified user or you don’t have access to this property so in that case just refresh the tab and your issue will be fixed.