Problems copying dashboards to other users

I’m trying to copy a few dashboards I created to other users. I load up that dashboard, select “Copy dashboard to user” and I get the confirmation message that the current dashboard was successfully copied to selected user.

When I log into that user’s account, I see only the first dashboard I copied over (#'s 2 and 3 are missing) and the layout and widgets of that dashboard are all incorrect. I’ve done this a few times to get all three dashboards over but the content is wrong.

I’m new to Piwik so I might be doing something incorrectly. Could you help me troubleshoot?

Hello John,
I’ve tried to reproduce this problem but couldn’t.
Which version of Piwik are you using?
Are your dashboards named differently by any chance?
If not, can you please give them different names and try again?

Hi Michal, thanks for checking in on my issue.

We’re using Piwik 2.16.0

My dashboards are named differently (visits, content, real time). I renamed all three and, before I could try again to copy them to another user again, two of the three dashboards disappeared.

The one that didn’t disappear did copy over to the other user, so that’s some progress.

The only thing I can think of that could have caused an issue with those dashboards was that my permissions changed from the time I created the dashboard to the time I sent it (changed to superuser). But, I quickly recreated another couple dashboards and they now seem to be transferring fine.


Unfortunately, my problem didn’t get resolved by creating and copying over new dashboards.

Yesterday, I created and copied over three dashboards to another user. I logged in as that user to find all three had copied over perfectly.

Today, I log back into that same user’s account and, while the three dashboards are still there, each of them now shows the layout and widgets of the first dashboard. (i.e. all three are now the same)

Any ideas what might be causing this problem?

John, can you reproduce this error consistently on 2.16.0? if so please create a new issue at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub and we will also try to reproduce it and verify it.