Problems after upgrade



I just upgraded to 1.2 but have since then not been able to log on. The login page just refreshes back.

I thought I may have made a mistake in the upgrade and scrapped the whole installation. I then installed a freash copy of 1.2 but I’m still having the same problems.

Please help, I’ve become attached to Piwik. Lol

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

seguwa, can you please try with Piwik 1.2.1 we have fixed an issue with logins.


Hi Matt,

I’ve installed 1.2.1 twice with the same results. I checked the database and don’t see the super user details in the piwik_user table.

Still unable to login. HELLLLPPPP!!!

(vipsoft) #4

The superuser is defined in config/config.ini.php.


Ok. I was just trying to troubleshoot but that’s not the main problem.

When I enter my super user details, it’s still not logging me in.


(vppaul) #6

I have a dual booth system XP 32bit and XP 64bit. With 1.2.1 I can login on the 32bit side but not the 64bit side. The login page will just refresh the page after I fill in my info. On the 32bit side 1.2.1 shows up but the seperate widgets are a bit off untill I roll over them. Not the end of the world but some of the older updates worked much better.

(vipsoft) #7

vppaul: you may need a Flash update to fix the rollover issue on the 32-bit side. On the 64-bit side, I’d say it’s a problem with your PHP x64 build.

(vppaul) #8

I had the latest Flash. I switched to Chrome and everything works fine on both XP 32bit and XP 64bit. This is not an advertisement either. Thanks for the help, Anthon!