<< Problems after upgrade to 4.0.4 >>

Hello, after we upgrade to new (stable) version 4.0.4 we faces some issues. On some instances we had problems during the upgrade process itself. On other we were forced to upgrade manually, otherwise we could not record any success. After it seemed successful, we checked the plugin-section. Many commercial Plugins (Example: Heatmap & Session Recording ) were no longer supported and weren´t even loaded.

We checked Changelogs and github of course and we suspect there is a release problem here.
Nevertheless “4.0.4” has charm without equal, also in terms of the missing changelog changelog/matomo-4-0-4/. :slight_smile:


All premium plugins support Matomo 4 (but they need an update), same for all official plugins by the Matomo team. The updater should in theory update all plugins during the update, but if you updated manually, you probably need to update from the marketplace afterwards.

The changelog for 4.0.4 will come soon, in the meantime you can look here: