<< Problems after upgrade to 4.0.3 >>


As I am newer to MATOMO, I automatically updated today to version 4.0.3.

Two issues I am having now:
1-) In the Administration panel (General Settings) I only have two items in the menu:

  • PERSONAL (Email & SMS reports)
  • PLATFORM (Widgets, API and Glossary)
    all other menu like System check are gone.

2-) Even when the real visitor information is there, I have the message “There is no data for this report.” in other visitor reports.

I appreciate any help.



UPDATE about issue 1: I cleared the Matomo cache using ./console cache:clear, and now all the settings are visible from the Administration menu.
UPDATE about issue 2: the visitor map widget is stuck in a fixed visitors number previous the update. The message “There is no data for this report." is gone.

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