Probleme tracker with Internet Explorer

Hi !

About Internet Explorer, is it compatible with the tracker ? And compatible with matomo last version ?

Effectively, on your web site we have →

The tracker with IE not send API POST. It send GET with a code return “200 43” .

Thank for your help

IE is not compatible with Matomo dashboard (now built with VueJS), but still remains compatible with tracking, as it is just a few simple JavaScript code that is used to track events…

Thank Philippe for your response.
In theory you are right.

In practice, the tracker not work with IE for me.

The matomo editor tells me about sendBacon used by the tracker.
And sendBacon is not IE compatible. (

yet, the matomo site seems to say that the tracker is IE compatible.

If you have an idea, I’m interested !

Thank a lot !!

editor mail →

Objet : Re: IE only does GETs on the API, no POSTs
Hi Jerome

Thanks for reaching out.

Both 200 and 204 responses are expected responses for a tracking request sent to Matomo.

A 204 response is a “No Content” response, meaning that the server received the request but did not send anything back.
A 200 response is a “Ok” response which means that the server responded with something.

IE doesn’t support sendBeacon used by the tracking code for sending POST request and provide that link above - you can refer to this link for more information on this: **

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The use of sendBeacon is an option, and reading the documentation:

Send beacon will only be used if the browser actually supports it.