Problem with /tmp/cache/tracker

(iloop) #1


piwik is creating many 0-length files in /tmp/cache/tracker. after 20 minutes after installation there are 1182 in this folder. files are named tmp_(random string).
this isn’t normal, right? how to fix this?

(vipsoft) #2

No, not normal.

Have you changed permissions on the tmp/cache/tracker folder or its contents?

For some reason, Piwik is unable to rename the temp file to the target filename.

  1. Check your php configuration for disable_functions. Is ‘rename’ in that list?
  2. Does the web server have permissions to overwrite or remove the .php files in that folder?



I am facing the same problem. The function rename is allowed as well as the webserver owns the trackert directory so it is implicitly allowed to created / change etc. those files, as it created them on its own.

This is still the fact event after updating to 1.11.

Any other ideas?

(vipsoft) #4



Was upgrading Piwik when I noticed that the tracker directory would not delete. It seems that Piwik created a whopping 100,000 zero length files in there.

This is getting scary.

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

It is because the webserver is not configured to rename temporary files. please ask your host


Looks like the situation is under control. I had to repossess the tracker directory (because the webserver created it, and I could not modify permissions or delete its contents). Then I deleted it and recreated it logged in via FTP. And that seems to have taken care of it.