Problem with the anonymous user (opens the login page)


I am trying to get the anonymous user to work but I am unable to get it done. I have set the View permission on every website that I am tracking with my Matomo installation as stated in the Matomo documentation, however it keeps opening the login page instead of a dashboard.

I am using the latest version of Matomo on my own server. I noticed that a similar problem was discussed here and the bug was apparently fixed in Matomo 4.2.0, however I am still experiencing a similar problem.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Which Matomo version do you use?

The version is 4.6.2

Are you sure you access the matomo dashboard with the root url?

Did you configure this?

Yes, the URL is the root one and the settings are set as shown.

So maybe you can post the problem on the github repo…

Is anonymous user has access to website?
if not then can assign under System->Users