Problem with PHP Library

I used the supplied PHP tracking API wrapper library to do a bulk tracking event and I get the response:

Interestingly it worked before, but it stopped working after doing a version upgrade and migrating to a different location. Need some guidance how to possibly troubleshoot that problem.

I did some tests with Postman and with debugging. Doing a single request tracking works perfectly. I take the same token and put it into a bulk tracking request and I get the error:

WARNING! token_auth = e5a057fc50c248349ba596aeeecd2798 is not valid, Super User / Admin / Write was NOT authenticated []

Hi @Martin_Neumann
You should remove the tocken and create a new one…
Tell me if this works or not

Hello everyone, I am having the same issues. Tried with newly created tokens.

I raised an issue on Github and they confirmed a bug:

Seems there is no bugfix that far, and I continue to avoid bulk tracking. They say there is a token that allows GET parameters ( Secure use only = No ) that is supposed to be working. I did not try to investigate that, but I see when you create the token, you can deselect: Only allow secure requests. Try it out if that makes it work.