Problem with ldap Plugin



I wanted to install and setup the loginLDAP-Plugin. Installation actually went fine, but when i go to the LDAPs setup page, an error is shown at the top of the page. It says: “PHP ldap_connect() function is missing. activate the LDAP-Module in the PHP configuration”.
What does that mean? I activated the plugin in the configuration.ini. I also tried to deactivate the normal login module, but also doesnt work. Anyone got a clue whats wrong?

Thanks for the help

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

please ask your web host to enable LDAP in PHP



Thanks, Matt, that is very helpful indeed.

I know I answer to a quite old topic. But, I suffer from the same issue. And the github page is not very helpful either.

I’ve installed both php5-ldap and php-net-ldap packages, and restarted apache. To be honest, I use this extension ldap with several web apps without any issues. So, I know how to enable ldap in php.

The function ldap_connect does actually exist, I’ve tested manually myself. Still, Piwik complains about the missing ldap extension.

The message disapears after clearing the cache.
Could you add that, and the way to install plugins (unzip the archive into the plugins dir) to the github page please ?


(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Hi @Fred can you please create an issue here: Issues · matomo-org/plugin-LoginLdap · GitHub
explaining what was the problem and what you recommend we change / improve so other users dont have the same problem?