Problem with German language trying to schedule reports on 4.8.0


when I set my user’s language to German and go to the Email reports section, I get this error message:

 The following error just broke Matomo (v4.8.0):

Key "name" for array with keys "category, subcategory, module, action, dimension, documentation, metrics, metricsDocumentation, imageGraphUrl, imageGraphEvolutionUrl, uniqueId" does not exist.
in /var/www/html/plugins/ScheduledReports/templates/_addReport.twig line 163            

This is before I have even created any reports.

Can I further debug this somehow?


@SteveG , do you have any idea?

Actually no. Maybe the file is outdated? But sounds a bit weird if that would only happen for German.
Nevertheless this will be fixed with Matomo 4.10.0, as that component was migrated to vue.js (and the template does not exist anymore then)

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