Problem with geography - cities-regions

Hi all,

i spotted an issue in Visitors > Locations report.

In the “Region” map, there are some regions showing 0 visits (i.e. Lombardia); in the “Cities” map, I see that Milan (which is in Lombardia) has 300K visits.

Then I downloaded the excel cities report, to check the differences between Milan and Rome.

It turned out that Rome has a region associated to it, but Milan does not:

Do you guus know how to solve that?

Thanks for your support.

Didn’t these data come from the Geo Database? (Maxmind or DB-IP)

I have the same issue with some Italian regions, like Lombardia, Toscana, Sardegna, etc
There are several users from cities in these regions, but these regions remain empty on the map.

I tried both DB-IP and Maxmind and the problem persists.

Is it the same problem as:

Or else

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