Problem with different trigger


I have a problem with different click-trigger I defined for opening a bootstrap modal or opens a bootstrap dropdown. I defined these triggers in the tag manager the following way:

1.) element-click with css selector .my_dropdown_class button

2.) element-click with css selector .my_modal_link

The first triggers works - but the event is fired just for the first click. I don’t know why other clicks are not tracked, I don’t set any limitation for this event.

The second trigger does not fires the event. I tried different trigger variants but none of them is working.

I use the chrome extension tagbird for checking which events are fired. Also I checked the visitor log - but there events for these triggers are not logged.

I don’t get it and hope that someone can help me with this. Maybe this is an issue with bootstrap? Other test trigger for some plain headlines in the footer work without any problems.

Best regards,