Problem with date in Live.getLastVisitsDetails

When I run a query on Live.getLastVisitsDetails with period=‘day’ and date 2023-11-01, I get results at the end of the list that show data from 2023-10-31.
I guess it’s a UTC problem, but the data I see in the serveru are strange and don’t match.
I’ll put an extract of the different dates here.
On which date is the date query based? In the help, they talk about UTC, but is it in relation to server time? to the visit?

in documentation there is this sentence “These are relative the website timezone”. But how Matomo knows the website timezone ? There is serverTimestamp, but in this case it for 2023-10-31

“serverDate”: “2023-10-31”,
“visitServerHour”: “23”,
“lastActionTimestamp”: 1698793208,
“lastActionDateTime”: “2023-10-31 23:00:08”,
“serverTimestamp”: 1698793208,
“firstActionTimestamp”: 1698793208,
“serverTimePretty”: “00:00:08”,
“serverDatePretty”: “Wednesday, November 1, 2023”,
“serverDatePrettyFirstAction”: “Wednesday, November 1, 2023”,
“serverTimePrettyFirstAction”: “00:00:08”,

Thanks for your help

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I have the same issue:

        <lastActionDateTime>2024-01-24 23:33:00</lastActionDateTime>
        <siteName>DermaProtekt - Price-Range ab 18€</siteName>
        <serverDatePretty>Thursday, January 25, 2024</serverDatePretty>

How can serverDate and serverDatePretty show different days?

Server Time war January 24, while the Site’s time was January 25.
I expect at least the server time related fields to be consistent.