Problem with Custom Variables in Tag Manager

When I try to create a custom JavaScript variable in Tag Manager I get this message:

Everything else in my Matomo works perfectly and this is the only time the error apears. I’m not sure why it happens or how to solve it, does anyone have an idea?

Hi @plinn
Can you check in the Matomo errors log file if you see something?

Sorry I’m a bit new in matomo, where can I find that log file?

Hi @plinn

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I don’t see anything weird, no idea about what could cause the error

Hi @plinn ,

what about your permissions for the Matomo Tag Manager?
For this type of variable you need more rights in the Tag Manager.

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That shouldn’t be a problem, I’m super user so I must have all permisions right?

@plinn Right, as super user you have all permissions.

Well, that sounds very strange.
Can you find an error request in your browser’s developer tools with status code 500 or another status code that signals an error?
Is there an answer that might indicate the problem you have?
Or is there any output on the browser console?

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yeah there is an error actually, any ideas what might be causing it?

Now it seems like the problem has gone. All I did was update the PHP version, but the message doesn’t show and the custom tags seem to work fine.

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