Problem with counting visitors


I installed Piwik with Dotclear on my website, but i can’t count visitors. The API code is registred on Dotclear, and I pasted the Javascript code on the home.html page.
There’s results on Piwik only when I visite my own website from localhost, and the IP display is But when I visite the website from an other location, there’s nothing.
Someone can help me please.


I can give you some precisions for my problem.
In the Piwik Plugin page of dotclear, I must enter a valid URL of my Piwik Installation. For me, it’s And I can see that it’s this URL that is insered in the pages of Dotclear. That’s why it’s only my server who can be counted by Piwik.
The problem is that i can’t inser a URL like /piwik/index.php.
Is there a solution for this ?



Other machines can’t acces your piwik installion through this IP ( cause it always points to the local host. You have to use the ip address that is assigned to your network interface card.


Thank you for your response.
But I’m behind a NAT router and my network IP address is There’s so the same problem because the IP who is added in my pages is now my NAT address and not my public address.


How do you call your website from those other locations?


I call my website by a domain name ( who redirect the visitors on a public IP address. But this IP can’t be used on the LAN (this is the IP of the NAT router.
I think that I’ve solved my problem by copy/paste of the Piwik Tracking Code directly in my pages, whithout using the plugin.


Have you tried using as the url? Would have been my first attempt. Can’t see why that wouldn’t work for your setup.


When i use as the URL, i have a response from my modem because it’s a NAT router and it’s thir router who is identified by my public IP address. I think that the only solution is to use a relative URL /piwik on the plugin but it’s not possible.


Ok, now I understand. Eighter set up your router to directly pass requests to your website through or insert the tracking code manually and modify it to your needs.


My router is correctly configurer to ignore web request on port 80 and redirect them to the web server. I think that in my configuration, the only solution seems to be to manually configure the piwik tracking code directly on each pages. I did that and the statistics are successfull.

Thank you for your responses.