Problem with bug introduced in Piwik 2.0.1

(Benjamin) #1

Hi guys,

sorry for staying persistent but I still have an annoying problem with one line of code introduced in Piwik 2.0.1.

In Commit make sure log class is loaded · matomo-org/matomo@63bc449 · GitHub you added

require_once 'Log.php';

to core/Error.php in response to Ticket #4398[/url]. I assume that your intention was to include Log.php from Piwik core, but instead this line of code is including Log.php from /usr/share/php (see for details). This will cause errors as described in [url=]Ticket #4403, 301 Moved Permanently and 301 Moved Permanently .

A simple solution would be to change the mentioned line to

require_once  PIWIK_INCLUDE_PATH.'/core/Log.php'.

Or do you realy need the Log.php from the PEAR package as some others are assuming?