Problem with archive_numeric_2011_10: there are 0 visitors for the month period

Hey guys, I’ve got a strange error. I do see 0 visitors for October when changing to months period. Every month shows visitors, except the October. I deleted already the table “archive_numeric_2011_10” and started the process, but it didn’t help.

After doing a little research I found a way to correct this problem. I needed to change the “done” value for the period “3” in the db-entry from 2 to 1! Why did the archive process didn’t do this for me? Could it be a bug?

Miguel Feliz

Thansk for the report. I added it in: Some days incorrectly show 0 zero visits when archiving was running the first second of the day · Issue #2728 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

if you have more info please comment there!