Problem with Acquisition > Websites report

Hi all,

I think I don’t fully understand the Acquisition > Websites report.

If I expand a row, I see some links of the external website AND some links of my site, i.e.

 + - index (link:
   - mail/mu/mp/285/ (link:
   - link-to-my-website

So I don’t understand if this report should contain:

  • the exact URL of the external site, where the user found an URL to my website (but what URL exacly?)
  • the exact URL of my website where the user landed (but from what external URL exaclty?)

Anyway, i think it shouldn’t contain both mixed this way, it’s pretty confusing to me.

Thanks for your support.

How is configured your measurable?

Do you need the URLs textarea value only?

Hi @Marco_Sciamanna
It seems Matomo recognizes your own website as external. The I imagined that in the measurable definition (my screenshot), the website address is not properly set…
Another idea: Maybe the referrer and the 1st page have different protocol? (HTTP/HTTPS)
Another idea: Maybe the visitor spent more than 30 minutes (without doing any action) on the page (then the session is considered ad terminated) and then continues some navigation: The result may be a new visit with as referrer… The site itself! (The case would be the same when a visitor starts a visit before Midnight and terminated it after Midnight. In such case, 2 visits are counted…