Problem upgrading to 0.6.1

(Παναγιώτης) #1

I have problem upgrading to 0.6.1 from 0.5.5.
The result after the upgrade is the following attached screenshot.
Can anyone give me some help on how to solve it?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

try to reupload all files, it looks like some were not uploaded

(Παναγιώτης) #3

I have tried it several times but with no luck.
I tried to make a new installation with the same database, again no lunk.
When I tried to make a new installation but with a new database, it worked but with none of my old data.
Any further suggestion?

(vipsoft) #4

Try disabling eaccelerator.

(Παναγιώτης) #5

I did but with no luck too.
Finallly, I made a fresh install with a new database and I tranfered all the necessary records from the old database to the new and now it works.
Even though I don’t like to solve such problems in such a way, I couldn’t find anything else.
If someone else has anything else to suggest, I think it would be helfpful.