Problem loading page

(accronyme) #1

I recently tried to install piwik on my site, but apparently it does not work and I do not know why?? I went to the end of the installation but I can not stay on the statistics page. it appears 1 second and then displays "The page can not be found 404 Error"
if one of you could guide me “step” because my knowledge does not allow me to fantasies.
thank you

(vipsoft) #2

Look for missing files. Check your URL rewrite rules.

In 0.5.5, the installer will flag any missing/corrupt files

(accronyme) #3

ok thank you for your answer but it does not really help me!
I’ll try to re-install but this time I skate to install the base. I did not understand what he want between “server”, “login” and the rest … it looks bad!
I knew that installing phpmyvisites was a fluke and that I should not come back … sorry