Problem installing - Required PHP configuration

(John) #1


I am trying to install Piwik on a Linux based shared hosting platform (Fasthosts). I am getting an issue with:


To prevent some critical issue, you must set the following in your php.ini file: always_populate_raw_post_data=-1
After making this change, restart your web server.

I have added this line to the php.ini file in the root directory. I also tried the user.ini file, but everything try it doesnt recognize it. I’ve spoke to the host and they suggested adding it to the htaccess file but that just returns a 500 internal server error.

Have I missed anything?


(Tassoman) #2

They probably refer to configuration changes. You can set configurations inside .htaccess file inside the web root.

To assure what’s in the 500 error code, you should check your error_log. Ask them wher’s is stored.