Problem installing Piwik step 3


Hi everyone, I´m trying to install Piwik on my website but in the third step I got a problem with my Database, I wrote the username incorrect many times, an advertisement appear saying "Host ‘xxxxxxxx’ is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts ", I went to phpMyAdmin and wrote that command on SQL place but doesn´t work, i tried with FLUSH HOST also but appears a message saying “Access denied; you need the RELOAD privilege for this operation” i wrote # mysqladmin -u root -pxxx reload and doesn´t work; please if anybody can help me, I will appreciate it so much, thank you.


You can try granting you the RELOAD privileges using the console if you have problems doing so with phpmyadmin:

[sup]grant RELOAD
-> to ‘[NAME]’@’[LIMITER]’;[/sup]

For limiter I would always suggest ‘localhost’ for internal access only - but you need to adjust your user, if you do not know, what the limiter of your user is:

[sup]select user from mysql.user;[/sup]

To view the rights your user already has:

[sup]show grants for ‘[NAME]’@’[LIMITER]’;[/sup]

So long,


Thanks for your help, i did through WordPress Plugin and was easier.