Problem after upgrading to 2.0.3


I upgraded to 2.0.3 through automatic upgrade and now none of the sites shows up on the dashboard and I do not have access to any results.

Any help please?

PS: After upgrade the system complaint some integrity errors for jquery-ui which I manually had to upload and copy over and now that error is gone but the main problem of not having access to any results is there.

Any answer to this?

This is a serious issue…

This is really bad!
I had 75 sites on piwik on a dedicated server but the lack of support on a buggy system forces us to move our servers away from piwik.

This is going to be a painful process as we are losing a year of historical data and a lesson learned the hardway!

I am also having some SERIOUS problems with Piwik since the upgrade to 2.0.3. All the sites which I monitor have all flat-lines and Piwik is not tracking any more data for these sites. I upgraded a few days ago from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 usinig the upgrade tool provided in Piwik and everything broke.

I even have the recommended hosting configuration, from Piwik’s official hosting provider, Arvixe, but after 2 days back and forth with Arvixe support, not even they can help me…which is very disappointing as the Piwik website states that Arvixe are the experts when it comes to Piwik hosting and trouble-free operations.

CLEARLY, there is something not working properly in 2.0.3 and Piwik could do with some more stringent testing before deploying new versions. I really would hate to have to migrate to another analytics platform as we have invested lots of time and energy into Piwik over the past few months that it’s almost baked into our operating environment. Unfortunately, it’s absolutely unacceptable not to have any tracking on sites and the complete lack of a response from the developers is not allaying any concerns which we have.

Anybody else having issues with 2.0.3 where tracking has just stopped working?

Is there a Piwik log file that I could check for clues?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I didn’t need to do anything…it just started working automatically and all of a sudden. I’m hosting with, so maybe they had a problem with their servers. Anyways, I’m tracking again.

you don’t explain the problems or show screenshots etc. How can we guess?

What are the problems exactly?

I have to agree with CritiKill I do not think 2.0.3 was ready for users with high volume of sites.

First about my original problem, I had to delete the all piwik files then copy the new files and then override the configuration for the console to show my sites.

Regarding the update, the auto archiver has a bug, I do not know what it is but this is the error that it shows:
“ERROR: Mysqli prepare error: MySQL server has gone away”

This happens everytime.
I have to run the archive process manually each time and each time the first time it fails and then I have to run it again to make it work.

But worst of all is that I reported the original issue 8 days ago and till today there was no respone from you or anyone from piwik in this forum.

“ERROR: Mysqli prepare error: MySQL server has gone away”
This is a Mysql configuration issue ; can you check the FAQ before posting here?

PS: 2.0.3 works well. There are some very BIG users in the Piwik community. Trust us :slight_smile:


We have been using piwik for a year now, this problem only appeared after this upgrade.
We archive the system though a cron job every 30 mins. Could it be that some code changes does not release the connection and therefore mysql shows that problem.

Please check here: MySQL :: MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual :: B.5.2.8 MySQL server has gone away (second item)

Also this note from oracle:
"If you have a script, you just have to issue the query again for the client to do an automatic reconnection. "

This is exactly what is happening to us, the first time it always fails with the above error but if I run the command for the second time and right after the first time, the archive job works.


Another update on the second issue.
As per insrtuction I increased the timeout to 80 hours from 8 hours and max_allowed_packet = 128M but the problem still persists.

For the following reasons we are moving back to Omniture:

  1. The 2.0.3 upgrade broke our system and there was no response to our report for 8 days.
  2. The general attitude for open source projects should be to care about bug reports not to merely refer to FAQ.
  3. For serious business of 1,000,000 visitors per month, this system can’t even provide a once every 30 minutes update on an 8 core dedicated server.

Lol are you complaining because you are using free software, and using free support, and I don’t reply within 8 days? maybe get real. We are doing our best…

No we decided to use REAL software from REAL companies that don’t ridicule their clients in public forums!

Google Analytics comes in mind! How much does that cost Matt!? I think we are gonna save $250 per months on hardware and not needing to pay couple of extra dollars to you to solve your self introduced bugs!

Are you kidding ga is freeware and no direct support near piwik levels. check their help forumns… BTW if you re so big enjoy your sampled data… Ga premium is around 10 k a month, omniture is about 200 k a year plus for the avg site.

To be honest sounds like someone who isnt doing a good job manging their hardware and online services. How could you upgrade a live server and not do Qa on a dev environment?

lets see some goverment agencies use piwik with much larger volumes of traffic… they work… Hmmm

No we decided to use REAL software from REAL companies that don’t ridicule their clients in public forums!

This is an open community, you have never paid us, nor have thanked us for the service (you created the login to report this bug)…

hint hint: you are NOT our client. But no worries, please enjoy GA as i’m sure it will be a great tool for you! cheers