Pricing Matomo On-Premise VS Matomo for WordPress VS Rest of World

A Hello to the Matomo Price Makers,

I have had problems with Matomo premium plugin prices for some time now because the price model targets the industrialized countries and the western world economy.

But the fact that there are Third World countries is somehow ignored.

By chance I noticed the considerable price differences between Matomo On-Premise and Matomo for Wordpress this afternoon.

Hey, what’s this? (The next area where I will be soft excluded?)

I just mean that my WordPress server also keeps the Matomo instance running.

Now the premium plugins have a big discount for the Wordpress Matomo plugin.

Hey, I like to pay for premium plugins. However, my country is 100th in the world economy, right next to Albania or Lebanon.

For every price you call I have to multiply by 4 so that I get the “real” purchase price.

Would you like an example? USD 439, - / year is actually USD 1756, - / year for me.

Take a look at Valves Steam and learn :slight_smile:

Hi there,
Thanks for the feedback and your interest!
Yes it’s true that the pricing for premium features is cheaper for Matomo for WordPress. That’s because there is usually only one website and it is usually a smaller traffic site.
If you’re using Matomo for WordPress you can benefit from this smaller price. Hope this works for you!
Currently we’re not planning to have different pricing per country, but maybe in the future.