Previous page in custom report

Is it possible to set. up a custom report for example dimension page url and previous page and for metric visits?

Hi @nternstedt ,

Page URL is a dimension is available, but no previous page. Could you please explain what are you trying to achieve.

Yes, thanks.

I want the same data that you can see in the report transitions where I can see the top 5 previous pages. So the data already exist in Matomo.

Hi @nternstedt ,

Could you please try referrer URL and Page URL as dimensions in Custom reports and check if the result is what you expect.

Hi @karthik,

Referrer URL only shows external traffic sources not internal traffic sources like other pages.

@nternstedt ,

The data should be easily accessible to track the Custom Dimension in the javascript tracker using for example document.referrer
You could then add this to a Custom Report and easily use it either as the “Previous Page” or “Next Page”.
For example it can be configured like:

Previous Page report
1st Dimension - Page URL
2nd Dimension Custom Dimension (Referrer page)

Next Page report
1st Dimension - Custom Dimension (Referrer page)
2nd Dimension - Page URL

Thanks for your answer. I will try that!

Did it work the way you wanted?

I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I have time to do it this week.

Otherwise I will test it next week.

I can keep you posted. :blush:

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