Preview Mode debugs wrong version

Hallo guys,

I recently came across Matomo as a GA alternative and started testing.

For me preview mode only “works” with the URL Parameter option.

I installed the Matomo WordPress Plugin, added a container, added a Matomo Tag with minimum configuration and a Page view trigger. Added the Tag Manager Tracking in the settings of the plugin.
Entered preview mode with “V0” as version name and it shows correctly and fires the tag.

However if I create a new version (v1) of the container the preview mode still shows “v0” and is apparently missing the new tags and triggers of v1. (I tried renaming and deleting the old version, still the old name of the first version is shown in debug and no new tags and triggers are there)

I have real time data so the tracking is working. How am I supposed to debug my tags or is there any workaround as i saw that preview mode never really worked as intended? How do I debug userflow if only the URL parameter option works?

Would share multiple screenshots, but can only add one.
Thank you for your help!

Hi @matomocurious

Welcome to the community.
Yes there is a bug in the input field, it will be fixed in the upcoming release. So for now, you are only able to preview with the query parameter.

I can’t reproduce your bug: if I publish a new release, this is this version which is used. Does your v1 version is flagged as live? When you edit this version, can you see your updates in the tag plan? Are you sure your new triggers are well defined?
Kind regards