Preview function and tracking does not work

For, I want to use the wordpress plugin and track events on the site. When I load the standard integration, everything works just fine. However, when I switch to Tag Manager, it does not seem to work. Preview / Debug mode does nothing and no users are tracked. I am clueless as to why. The diagnostics report shows nothing.
The tag for pageviews and the configuration variable seems standard, in line with the suggested setup from the logs.

Help would be appreciated!

I understand your frustration with the issue. To troubleshoot this, you can try this:

  1. double-check your tag manager setup
  2. verify tag manager container code
  3. review tag firing rules

Hi Mike,

thank you for your quick reply! I have checked the three steps you mentioned, but without success.

  1. The tag is set-up as follows;
  • Matomo configuration variable; standard-URL;
    ID = 1
    Enable link tracking turned on, everything else untouched

  • Tracking type = pageview

  • Trigger = pageview

  1. Tag container code is loaded through the WP-plugin. Doing this manually does not change the effect

  2. Tag firing rule is set to pageview, as mentioned before.

Do I need to upload anything else that might improve an indication where the issues is? Perhap WPRocket messes it up?