Pretty Links & Piwik

anyone have piwiks to work with pretty links?

pretty links makes a link that forwards to another site (short links) like turning a youtube link into

it can take parameters at the end of the line (if pretty links cna work by passing parameters in the address itself.

any suggestions?

If your redirection script is built up in PHP, the solution may be to insert thePHP Tracking API and register incoming clics that way.

what’s pretty links!!!

what’s pretty links!!![/quote]

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if your domain is and you want to redirect YouTube to (short link) you can. it makes your own website a forwarding service (like , cloaks, 404, javascript etc. Also does stats. The main purpose is its easier to use pretty links to make links instead of a folder in ftp & index.php with redirect scripts (the way piwik does) but pretty links doesn’t do it that way seems. May be all code

doesn’t seem to be a way. after asking paid pretty link support

"Pretty Link does not create a folder or an index.php file. It parses the URL and looks for a match to the slug (/shorturl). If it finds a match it forces the browser to re-direct to that slug's original target URL. Hope that makes sense!"