Preset/Saved Custom Date Ranges

Hi there,

I often found myself logging into Piwik Dashboard and wanting to quickly see info from a certain date. Resorting to changing the Date range from the Default to a custom “Date Range” for different points in time - for example:

  • Since the day of Launch
  • Since the day when our Advert was released.
  • Since the day of the Hardware Upgrade

As often enough, Month/Week/Day will often include the days prior that had no relevant data - much prefer to report from the beginning of something - not necessarily something to compare against.

In that respect, having a dropdown list from inside the “Date Range” of a key “Milestone” start date - until Present.

You may all probably tell me something else is already in place at a more advanced level (Reporting, Segments). However I do feel that a quick summary change on the Dashboard would be beneficial.


Hi Rob

could you please post your ideas in: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub