Premium Plugin - Google developer key

Hello dear matomo members,

unfortunately I didn´t receive any reply from matomo support team for one week, so I would like to ask other ones.

We bought some of matomo premium plugins which need Google developer key. But google rejected our key request with this answer:

Dear API Applicant,

Thank you for submitting an application to the AdWords API. Unfortunately, the application you submitted was rejected due to the following:

  • It appears that you are planning on using a third-party tool ( Matomo ) with an AdWords API token. This is a violation of the Ads API Policies, and is not a permissible use case for API access.
    Please feel free to contact the third party tool provider and encourage them to apply for their own token.
    If you have any questions or feel we have reached this decision in error, you may contact us here.
    The Google Ads API Compliance Team

Can any one help me how to continue now, I am end user of matomo so I don´t have exact knowledge about this process.

Thank you in advance

Hi Michal,

Thank you for your patience. We have received this report from a few other people as well and have now replied to your message. Looking forward to having this issue resolved for you!

If anyone else experiences this issue, please reach out to us at



Is there already a solution to the problem here?
have received the following mail from Google:

Thank you for your continued patience. The use of Matomo for a 3rd party tool is prohibited because Matomo violates Google AdWords policies. It appears that Matomo as a prerequisite for use of their software, requires customers to apply for their own AdWords API developer token. This is a violation of [Ads API Policies]

We recommend that Matomo get into contact with a Google representative to ensure that their software is compliant with Ads API Policies.

I already bought the Matomo feature, which I can’t use now because I can’t get a developer key.

Thanks in advance!

Matomo team already contacted me and recommended to contact google with request again. Unfortunately their (google) reply is same, “for third party app you must use third party developer key”. I think it is necessary to made changes in plugin and make them works with “some universal matomo developer key”. As end user I am afraid we can´t receive any developer key from google.

I hope it will be solved soon, because we can´t use plugin´s which we paid.


Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately I did not received any answer from Matomo…

I already paid for the feature and can’t use ist now!
When can we expect a solution from Matomo?


I hope matomo team will solve it soon, but I have no information about any time schedule. Of course I am not happy that paid service doesn´t work. But because I like matomo I have more patience in this case.


Thanks for reaching out also by email. We’ve replied to your email and let’s continue the discussion there maybe.
In general we’re still working with Google Ads on this matter.
We hope to have a resolution in the coming weeks but it’s not clear yet. We’ll update you as soon as we learn more.

Thanks for your patience!

Thank you Mathew, but resolution in “comming weeks but it´s not clear yet” doesn´t sound too possitive. Why you can´t implement your developer key directly to plugin? I think it is only way, which Google Ads accept. Waiting for some good news from your side.

Unfortunately I have the same issue, I would apply for the key without specifying that I need to use it in matomo but unfortunately I will need it for some automation in the near future so I can’t risk that they will revoke it at a certain point.

Is there any chance that you’ll include it in the plugin?


Matthieu wrote me in an Email, that only a few other customers are having the same issue, while for others it works well. Has anyone experienced with the successful application of the key? What did you do, so that google did not reject the key?

Many Thanks

They sent me money back with no details about solution or any schedule. It´s pity becuase I like matomo at all. Michal

Is anybody else here, with a solutions?


Dear customer,

Thank you for purchasing the product “Paid Advertising Performance” for Matomo.
Unfortunately, due to technical challenges around working with the Google Ads API, we’ve had to remove this plugin from the Marketplace.

-> So we’ve now removed this plugin from the Marketplace. If you had purchased the plugin we have also refunded it.

We’re sorry about this issue, and thank you for your understanding.
We hope you find a lot of value in Matomo Analytics otherwise.