Precise Geo Location (GPS) tracking

Is it possible, via the Javascript/HTTP API, to track accurate Geo Location, using the location obtained from the mobile device’s GPS?
Is yes, how?


It’s not very privacy friendly (though the user will get a popup from the browser to approuve), but you could create a tag with custom javascript to push the information to Matomo. Depending if you use gps coordinates or ex city names you could choose between custom dimensions or events for example.

This is for an internal app, where the locations are already, openly tracked.

And would linking with custom dimensions be enough for the data to automatically reflect properly on the map?

If you are referring to the default integration that would not work. For sure it’s technically possible but I haven’t found any documentation about how you could make a correct request to do that without a lot custom development.

Matomo visitor geo location works with

  • default: Browser language settings (JavaScript: window.navigator.language).
  • accurate visitors geolocation: IP adresses (database)

and not with GPS. You must code a own Plugin to use the GPS.