Potential machine learning support as premium feature

Dear Matomo team,
I recently noticed Google ramped up the machine learning / prediction capabilities in their analytics. While I understand that this requires some extra powers, it could perhaps be a nice premium feature to add to your cloud offering.
For clients wanting to avoid Google in general, both AWS and Azure have both ML related offers, but configuring these correctly might not be easy for all analytics users interested in predictions.

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Couldn’t put it in the 1st post as new user, but here this is the related Azure link


One doesn’t have to depend on the properitary offers of any cloud hosting providers to use machine learning as it is just a matter of running code locally.

Of course the main question is: What does one want to achieve using Machine Learning? One can’t just throw the idea at the data and expect to get detailed results, but instead has to plan which data will be used (in which structure) to train e.g. a neural network which will again predict which results.

From a technological point it is not impossible to integrate that into Matomo. Nextcloud uses https://github.com/php-ai/php-ml-examples for example to classify suspicious logins:

That said, I doubt that anyone from the Matomo team will build this any time soon as it requires quite a lot of knowledge about Neural Networks. But this could easily be contributed by someone else as a plugin.