POST Request Tracking with Piwik


Hello to All.

I have Piwik running on same Server and under the Same Domain which Piwik does Track but for some Reason only the GET Request are tracked and showed.

Need to see if possible also the POST Requests and what for Query was sended to the Site too.

How can this be Done with PIWIK ?

Thanks in advance for every Help.
Greetings Sextasy

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If you mean you want to track form submissions or ajax calls, then you have to add some js to call the tracker manually.

If you mean use POST for tracking, then tracker.setRequestMethod(‘POST’) should work if the site being tracked is on the same domain as Piwik.


Hello Anthon.

I have a Page called “login.php” with a Submit Formular for user Login.

Now when a Visitor call the Page “login.php” over a GET Request i see this GET call tracked in Piwik.

What i dont see however but would like to know if the Visitor after Calling the “login.php” Page has submited the Forumular by Clicking on the Submit Button to LOGIN.

At the Moment i see in Piwki only the Get Call of of "login.php"
I would like to see also somehow indicated the “login.php” Post Call so i know that the Visitor tryed to Login.

Maybe i need to execute something in my PHP files after data is Sent over a POST REQUEST so Piwik does track this calls ?

Piwik has here some hole in the Tracking System as it only track the GET Calls of the Visitors.
More interessting however is the Knoweledge if the Visitor wrote and Submited Data over a Formular with a POST Call.

This Post tracking would close the Hole in analysing the Browser History fo the Visitor.
At the Moment with Piwik it is not possible to know when Visitor tryed to Login or Register on the Page.
At least i dont know how to do it even with your suggestions.