Possible to add API Method by Plugin?

I have a peculiar use-case where I may want the ID of the log_link_visit_action created when I make an authenticated tracking API call. Because there’s no obvious reason to add/maintain this feature in the standard API, I was wondering if I could add a custom API call using a plugin. I poked around and didn’t see any obvious comments either way (except that I don’t see an API item on the hooks list).

Disregard - delete or leave so others can find by searching. Just realized that most of the API modules are actually implemented as plugins… and found the ExampleAPI plugin.

to me happens to me the same problem. please help!!

As I mentioned in my second post (responding to myself), basically everything the API does is a plugin:

  • There an ExampleAPI directory in the plugins folder to show you how to create a custom API call using a plugin.
  • You could even copy the existing tracking plugin, adjusting the response (to include the ID) and names (so it wouldn’t affect existing callers).