Possibility to manipulate tracked site URL on a manual trackPageView?

Hi there,

I have a image gallery on a page which asynchronous change the image content.
Each image is accessible with it’s own url like http://foo.com/image/1337, but of course on changing the image content via JavaScript, the URL will not be changed.

It is possible, to track such an image view with a custom title with this code:

_paq.push(['trackPageView', 'My Custom Title']);

But the tracked URL in Piwik still remains the same, which make no sense, when a person click 20 times the “next” button. :slight_smile:
Also when the user saves the displayed image by clicking on a link with class=“piwik_download” a wrong URL will be tracked for this download.

Is there any possibility to change the tracked URL programmatically?
Or is there any other solution to solve this problem?

Thanks for help,

you can also use setCustomUrl to customize the URL being tracked if you wish

Thank you!
That was exactly what I needed. (tu)

It must have been overlooked by me…