Plugin slows my site

Hello, a picture is better than long text so see waterfall here


As you can see in the waterfall Matomo loads defered so it only starts the request when the page has finished loading and the user can interact with the site. So the pageload isn’t slowed down.

That said Matomo shouldn’t take over a second to store a tracking request.
There are tips on how to speed up Matomo here:

With the database on an SSD and if the server isn’t overloaded by too many requests, it should be possible in < 150ms. If that is still to slow for you, you can take a look at the Queued Tracking - Matomo Plugins Marketplace plugin. After it is set up, the tracking requests are only stored as-is in the database or redis and are processed by a regular task. This should make it possible to get to around 30ms.

Sorry for late answer. I will take a look at the plugin.