Plugin settings : by website


I currently work on a (new) plugin for LimeSurvey link data analysis.
There are 2 part for the plugin : matomoPublicTrack limesurvey plugin and LimeSurveyUserProfile matomo plugin .

When available : the matomo plugin create link to response and/or token from LimeSurvey website.

Then each website can be different, and there are no sure way to get the admin link with only the website link. Then i create global settings with 2 params : admin base url , url format and show script name.

I like to move this settings in website configuration , then my questions

  1. Did there are an existing system for website settings for plugins
  2. If not : did there are a sample plugin with website settings ?
  3. If not : there are some sample to take in an existing free plugin for website settings ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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OK …

Got it : must use Measurable settings …

Fixed in [feature] Allow to set setting by WebSite (250adfd3) · Commits · SondagesPro / External / LimeSurveyUserProfile · GitLab (partial)