Plugin for tracking external link?


Since facebook fan page is caching the image file & no javascript allow, I can not track how many people is coming from fan page.

I was thinking that if piwik have a plugin for external link I need to track, it will be really good for all piwik members.

for example) can do the shortening with tracking info.

Same concept that if my destination link is and then piwik can create the link which forward to immediately then I can see how many times people click that link and went that

then I can post my link of and this link will send over to

My benefits are,

  1. I don’t need to use anymore.
  2. One piwik admin can analyze the all web link traffics.
  3. easy to give this info to my friends and family members.

Of course, I can create the web page with piwik tag code with external link forwarding within 0 sec and then input the goal with link can do this alternative but that’s too much…

is there any solution? Please let me know…

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Facebook tracking has a ticket: Tracking Facebook apps with Piwik · Issue #1926 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub but according to another forum post linked in the ticket, there seems to be an issue with FB caching requests to the piwik tracking image.

You are requesting a feature that Piwik does what bitly does, I don’t think we will implement this in the near future unfortunately (but would be happy to include it if someone contributes it!)