Plugin 3DLogin is not enabled. I can't reset my password

(Duncan) #1


I’m following a reset password link, as I’ve somehow locked myself out of the only account.

This is the reset link:

I get the following message:

An error occurred

The plugin 3DLogin is not enabled. You can activate the plugin on Settings > Plugins page in Piwik.

Obviously, I can’t do that.

Is there anything I can do about this? I haven’t modified my installed plugins within Piwik since installing it, so if this 3DLogin plugin is not enabled, it wasn’t by default.

(Michael Gonera) #2

Hi! I haven’t heard of this plugin actually, but you can try to solve this by enabling it through editing your config. You have to include plugin identifier (3DLogin afaik) in [Plugins] section of your config.ini.php file.

BTW what’s that plugin and where did you got it from? Just out of curiosity :slightly_smiling:

(Tassoman) #3

Looks like 3DLogin is your custom authentication plugin.
You always can login in ssh console and command Piwik:

php console plugin:deactivate 3DLogin php console plugin:activate Login

Then you could login using original admin username you set during installation.

To get started pluggin a custom authentication look at the LDAP Login Piwik’s plugin source code, it’s pretty teacher :slightly_smiling:

(Duncan) #4

Thanks for your help, and I’m afraid sorry for wasting your time:-

On closer inspection though, those 3D’s were some encoding problem.

So I went to swiss converter tool |, pasted the email in, it identified it as Quoted-Printable – MIME Email ASCII and converted it to Plan Text No Encoding (Raw) and then the confirm forgotten password URI worked fine.