Plug-ins for Meta, Google Ads etc. to get ad-spent


does anybody know if there is already the posibility to get the ad spent of your campaigns into Matomo? If not is anybody looking for a freelance job to create one, because that would be a feature that is currently missing to actually calculate the ROAS as well as seeing on a daily base how your hits and traffics changes.

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Hello Johannes,
Good question, as far as I remember they use to have one and then Google decided to cut the access to its API and that was the end of this plugin. Let me see with them if there has been some movement on this topic.

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Nice would be great to integrate with Google, Meta, Pintrest as those are the major ones, maybe there is even a service that does that already.

Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile:

There was also this plugin launched back in the days:

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