Please recommend resources to learn Matomo concepts

Hey @all,

I’m new to Matomo and also not very familiar to terms and concepts of web analytics. Right now, Matomo feels like a behemoth of configuration thrown into a blender and nothing is self-explanatory.

So I try googling stuff, but it’s almost exclusively content from that comes up (at least you guys seem to understand SEO yourself), except from some very very basic click-bait blog posts of people who want to sell me their services. The Matomo docs seem to be written for people who already understand Matomo or are grown up with it since the beginning. So I’m kind of lost.

Can anyone recommend sources that explain the core concepts of Matomo for noobs? Best case would be a walk through of a tag manger setup that explains how those things are intended to be used.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @fredfred
You’ll find a glossary:
And a lot of help: