PLEASE make username login case-insensitive!

I have Piwik auto-login, but when my cookies get obliterated for some reason, and I need to login, I can never remember that Piwik has case-sensitive usernames, and I always end up having to reset my password! Every other site on the 'net lets me login with a lowercase version of my username, so why is Piwik case-sensitive? I vote to be able to log in with a lowercase version of your username.

Uhm, no? I don’t see a good reason to change the current behaviour.

Some of us may be used to things being case-sensitive on Unix/Linux. However, at the same time, (1) we avoid creating mixed case user IDs, e.g., root, ROOT, Root, …, and (2) user IDs are case-insensitive when it comes to email, e.g., root@host, ROOT@host, and Root@host all get delivered to the same person (root) – unless you have some aliases or other mapping.

It’s certainly possible, and it could be configurable.