Please help me

I need to create a ‘last visits’ graph for ‘best search engines’ by day…

So for example, I need to view each day plotted on a line graph by search engine visits only…

Right now the only thing I can do is view each daily total…

Please help!


Umm… you know there is a widget in piwik called “best search engine” that shows you this information? Or are you trying to access it from the api?

Hello, thank you for replying.

I have that widget, however it only shows the best search engine for that day or cumulative results over time.

I need to have the results by each day and graphed! Just like the ‘last visits graph’.

bump again…

is this not possible??

I think it’s coming in 1.7.

when is 1.7 coming ?

when it’s done

Please help me with this:
Could u please tell me wether piwik does transaction tracking in a page.
if it is a bus booking portal will the source, destination, date, etc entered are tracked or not.
Please reply asap

2012, 2013, 2014 …