Please help me... config.ini.php

Hi all,

is the “salt” in the config.ini.php in use? I cant find any informations about this. Im using 2.16.0

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Yes, e.g. to make sure that the browser fingerprint is different across different Piwik instances (privacy protection). See also Search · salt · GitHub

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Hi @quba,

thanks for your answer. It sounds like i can change the salt everytime i want? Or should it be never changed?

Background: We re using multiple Piwik-Instances and wanna make a copy of the config-file for a “new instance”.

Many thanks for your help… :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t break anything. It’s even recommended to have different salt in different instances (if you don’t want to somehow detect same visitors across all instances).

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Hi @quba,

now i understand what the salt ist for. Thank you for your answers.

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