Please help for installation

Hi All,

I’m sorry for this noob questions. I an newbie to the installation side of piwik, but I believe that I am experienced with piwik as user. I have windows hosting plan with Asphostportal and tried to install piwik, but it is not success. I would appreciate any and all help

We previously hosted piwik on our own Windows webserver where we could control IIS, but we recently changed to a hosted Asphostportal account. The docs at say that piwik works on Asphostportal, but install:iis gives instructions that assume I can go into IIS directly. Asphostportal only give me access to control panel, they dont allow me to access their server/IIS.

When I try to run the installer, I get errors that it doesn’t have write permission to piwik directories. The error messages are patterned after this:

\PHX3.GDHOSTING.GDG\C91HAT09\hosting\31\9793331\html\test\piwik/conf/ is not writable by piwik. You need to fix the permission settings of this directory!

The security documentation says that the conf, data, inc and bin should not be accessible, but the installer seems to require it. I’m a bit lost.

Does anyone know how to make this work on Asphostportal?

Thank you


The content of the config/ folder shouldn’t be accessible to website visitors, but the webserver itself (so PHP) needs write access to the config/config.ini.php to be able to write the Matomo config into it.