Please fix your Trac: infinite redirect after password reset [official patch]

Please apply this patch, to fix infinite redirects after password reset:

This would allow me to finally login to your Trac again!

we use trac 0.11.5 and I couldn’t find this file in the trac…

Still an issue.
Can you please look at this fix then?

The bug itself is closed since then:

It appears to be a (core) plugin, so maybe the file’s not where you expected it to be?

Sorry I don’t understand how trac works, and this file doesn’t exist in the trac install.

Maybe you have an extension that removes your referer which would cause such problem?

You do not have the AccountManagerPlugin – Trac Hacks - Plugins Macros etc. installed?
Is your trac and all its extensions up-to-date?

I have no referrer-removal plugin installed.

can you try create a new login? while upgrading trac would be the best thing to do, our sysadmin is pretty busy at the moment and upgrading trac is a very risky business unfortunately…

Still an issue and reported in Piwik’s trac itself: Password recovery for results in a redirect loop · Issue #3048 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

In contrast to the reporter’s experience, removing the cookies works for me to access the site at least anonymously again.

It’s been more than two years now at least that this issue exists and I consider it quite a bummer for anyone wanting to contribute…

We have finally upgraded Trac to the latest version and now Login + Reset password should work for all users. Please let us know if you have any problem with

Thanks! Finally.

While there is a (non-fatal) error after clicking the passwort reset link, I can finally login again.

Well, I am now logged in, but cannot change my password or access any other page from there.

I am getting this:

Trac detected an internal error:
AttributeError: ‘MessageWrapper’ object has no attribute ‘replace’


This has been also reported at: 301 Moved Permanently

Oh… could you try to create another login/pwd ? itshould then work OK! thx

I do not want to create a new login.
That is too much a workaround for me.

It appears to be the same problem as reported in 301 Moved Permanently .

We upgraded to latest version of trac, which should now fix this bug (it’s called 1.0) but it seems it still has some bugs… we cant do anything more though :wink: