Plans to Support PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.3

Hi Everyone,

I’m searching the forum, and I haven’t found anything regarding the current state of support for PHP 8.2 or PHP 8.3. I’ve also checked GitHub and do not see anything there either. I could be blatantly missing it, but I thought I’d ask here since the Matomo 5.0 Release Candidate is out.

My company typically supports PHP Versions N -1 for in-house applications and PHP Versions ^8.0 for external applications. We currently run Matomo on PHP 8.1 but would love to move to PHP 8.2 and subsequently 8.3. Any information or resources you have would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @onairmarc
Matomo 4.X should be compatible with PHP 8.2. And Matomo 5.X with PHP 8.3:

Wonderful! Thank you!!