Pixel Tracker Question

Probably a dumb question but is there a way to do the image pixel tracking link in a similar manner as with the Hide URL proxy script? Would be nice to be able to add the image pixel on pages and not have to put the URL of piwik install which defeats the purpose of the Hide URL script.

I tried just using the internal ip, which did not work. Then I tried calling the piwik.php as I would in the normal Hide URL script and it actually triggered a visit but it recorded the page that was open on the Piwik install as the page visited and not the page visited by the client on the website being tracked.


Also great job on 1.12!

So is this not possible?

Anyone know how to make the Pixel work in the same manner as the Hide URL proxy script?

I haven’t tested but it should work the same, to use the proxy for image tracker.

Yeah making the link like how you do for the normal Hide URL script such as http://www.mysite.com/piwik.php shows the hit and the client IP, but for the page view it shows the page that I had open in my Piwik Dashboard.

So why is it recording the open page in the Piwik install and not the page that was viewed on the tracked page? Regardless of what I try if I get the pixel to fire using the Hide URL script then it always shows the open page for the Piwik Dashboard I had open at the time. I can even switch Dashboard pages to another tracked site and then fire off the pixel and still gives me the the Dashboard page viewed, even if not viewing the site I am testing the pixel on.

Kinda confused to the results doing this.


Can you post simple explanations of the code you use, then what you expected , and wat you got instead (with screenshot) and i’ll try to help

Did you find any solution after all? Because I have the same problem with the pages not showing…