piwikTracker.trackGoal() registers a visit too

(Imran Malik) #1

Hi All,

When I use the piwikTracker.trackGoal(1) to register a conversion, it automatically increments the visits as many times the piwikTracker.trackGoal(1) executes.

It increments both visits and conversion even if execute piwikTracker.trackGoal(1)
from console (firebug).

Is there a way to stop the visit increment on conversion?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

What do you mean increment visit? It should not create a new visit every time you call it, unless it is indeed a new visit (ie. you call it 30min after previous call)

(Imran Malik) #3

Thanks matt. I see. Does it consider a new visit after the visit length is passed and you call the trackGoal() again even without refreshing the page?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Yes it will count a new visit even if you just call trackGoal() (after 30min)

(Imran Malik) #5

Matt, thanks again for the clarification.